July 3, 2012 by Beldrac

Today this blog reached 100 page views! Wooohooo!


One of the things I’ve been enjoying about this is seeing where in the world people are reading my ramble and trying to figure out how they got to this page. Most visitors have clicked in from my home country, followed by Argentina (thanks Sacrum), the States, and Canada. I appreciate the time everyone has taken to read BFM and hope to get even more readers, more, MORE!!

I’ve been in touch with the Don of my old haunt (The Metal Observer) and we’ve agreed that I’ll be writing for them again as well, which I’m very happy about. It’s a great group of people who all share the same passion for music and I look forward to getting some good work done. I’ll still continue here and it remains priority but I’ll be linking to TMO pages from the shared reviews, so if you haven’t yet discovered the rich metallic vaults (guarded by griffons no less), by all means go explore.

Enough of that:

Some people say they sound like Tool. Others say they sound like like a toned-down version of Opeth. I say, they sound a bit like Winds, without the classical instrumental influences but with the same weird structures. None of that matters, their name is Soen and they feature ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, Steve DiGiorgio of Testament and Death, and a couple of other guys not yet famous. If you like bands like the above-mentioned and perhaps Porcupine Tree, listen to this because it’s really good.

Reading the lyrics brought up a question in my mind…hypothetically say life was all black and white, would it be better to paint it all gray? Would it be easier to have no extremes of good or bad and have everything be okay all the time? I’m not so sure; isn’t it our experiences of these extremes in life exactly what makes the it worth living?

Kickass album cover too.

2 thoughts on “100 views!

  1. rainmaker97 says:

    Hey man, fellow TMO writer here, and I gotta say, I’m happy that you’re coming back to the ‘Hood. I enjoy reading your blog (particularly the rambles), and I hope that if we ever go forward with expanded editorial content (currently a possibility), that you’ll write a few rambles for the site. I personally love reading explorations of metal as a medium. Keep it up, man!

  2. beldrac13 says:

    Thanks fellow TMO writer! I’ve been trying to figure out what name you go by in the real world. 🙂 I do a lot of rambling and I’m trying to get as much as possible down on “paper” and I’ll be glad to have some posted on the new TMO too.

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