The wolves are howling

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July 13, 2012 by Beldrac

All music lovers will have experienced this – when you listen to a song that you really loved like only music can be loved for the first time in many years, and get this extreme rush of …I don’t know what to call it…life… that shoots through your body, and pulses your veins with the memory of the times when this became one of your favourite songs.
Press play:

The album Sin/Pecado came out in my final year of high school and I don’t think I’ve listened to it for at least ten years. It was a great album for me then but in the passing years I started remembering it is as a rather average album and listening to it now, didn’t really change my opinion. Yet when listening to these songs now I catch glimpses of why I loved it so much and when this song started playing, for a brief moment the world outside the music ceased to exist, all around me became just a future memory. That there were a few fantastic songs on this album surely cannot be denied but I think this music will be timeless for a relatively small group of Moonspell fans, who will also understand the transition to this:

I like good beer. I would much rather spend a certain amount on one good beer than spend double the amount on four crap beers. I first had this American-style Ale at a Korean restaurant (hah) and found another the other day. It clocks in at 9% so you never want too many of them.
So, people who do this often say when you taste a beer, you first have to consider the head that forms after you pour it. Uhm, well…it had about a centimetre’s worth, quite bubbly, and faded quickly. The aroma was sweet of caramel which I believe is the roasted hops and I definitely smelled something akin to Marmite, which I believe would be the yeast. The ale is bottle matured and there is sediment of yeast at the bottom, and they recommend you pour carefully to keep it in the bottle. This being a strong ale the first taste is a little overwhelming for the taste buds but it’s quite crisp and the CO₂ very fine. It’s quite a bitter ale this one and probably would be too heavy for most drinkers, but the aftertaste sweetens to caramel. I’ve never seen a Dam Wolf in my life (tragically, I’ve only seen wolves at a wolf sanctuary, and they were Gray Wolves) and to be honest I’d probably pass on this one the next time I see it. It’s good but not great, and not nearly as good as the Devil’s Peak Ale I had the other day. It’s great to see all the local craft brewers emerging and there are very encouraging signs that the market is growing. This specific ale is from a brewery in KwaZulu-Natal and their Blond ale is very good too. I poured the ale about an hour ago so it’s almost done and had lots of time to breathe, and with the last tastes I get hints of grapefruit…probably madness setting in though…

This video makes me want to go for a walk in the woods. My neighbours are running scared: the wolves are howling and prowling around the dark corners of the apartment complex, sniffing the lawn for spoor with eyes ever darting, looking for a light left on or a door left open. Children cower behind their mother’s hem and father’s eyes flit anxiously. The howling wolves descend upon a door carelessly left unlocked, alpha male rises up and taps the handle to slide open the door. Softly they patter in looking for their prey, bloody meat still cooking they smell and their noses start twitching. Around the corner they glance upon the small stature of a boy, his back turned and his attention on the TV screen. The alpha pats closer as the pack surrounds and pick their prey – their panting breath being the first, and the last they hear.

Wolves were the one fear I remember from childhood but ironically I grew up wanting one as a pet…I’d still like one if I had the space to keep one happy, and it would have to live happily alongside the Great Dane, of course.

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