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July 23, 2012 by Beldrac

(This was option one of two when I searched for “respect” in my music library. This is a great album and this song teaches you about camping etiquette ;))

I have a lot of respect for someone who stands by their beliefs (religious and non-), choses the basis of their existence, and lives their lives in devotion to those whom they love and the things their soul is grounded in.

I worked with a devout man of a certain faith whose last day at work was last week. He’s worked at the company for 4,5 years and in that time in all honesty, probably rarely said more than 100 words to anybody at any time; a man of few words who always had a reputation as a very quiet sortof guy, rarely bothered by anything the rest of us whores got up to in the everyday office-space orgy of desperate caged casuo-corporate interaction. Whenever anyone leaves they have the chance to “say a few words” and generally you don’t have a choice. I’ve sat through a few and for the first time I genuinely believed each word that was said was meant to be said, and not just thrown out there like confetti at a wedding – brightly painting the atmosphere with fake sentiment and flowery praise. He mentioned all the things he experienced the last five years of his life, (the job of course,) his marriage, becoming a father, and Hajj. These are things that we (I) often scoff at – what’s the big deal in getting married; it’s easy to have a kid right; and Hajj…I go on holiday all the time! (and I’m well aware that it’s not a holiday, but a deeply meaningful expression of faith.)

But at that time I understood what all these things meant to him – we all have things that are fucking important to us, things we will and want to die for, and I have respect for people that recognize these things because I know they’re real people, and they GET what life is about:

Life is about finding the things you will give your life up for, and being prepared to do so at any moment in time.


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