To hell!

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September 5, 2012 by Beldrac

To hell with it all,
to hell I say.
To hell with the hypocrites,
to hell with the fascists,
to hell with the zealots
who see only their lord
and judge others for seeing the same
lord god, but with a different name.

To hell with the selfish,
who only take and never return.
To hell with those who cannot decide
on which side of the fence
they want to fight or hide.

To hell with those who hurt and abuse
physically, mentally, emotionally –
most of all those not showing remorse.
To hell with those who pillage with disdain,
who destroy the things built
by the love we have for beauty.

Intolerance in the world has reached epic proportions. (Perhaps you’d say I’m being intolerant too.) It seems the larger the global village becomes the more we hate each other. The Internet age is a wonderful thing but as a human race we were not ready for it. Clearly the Jews and the Christians and the Muslims can’t get along, but I’d prefer if they kept their fucking squabbles to themselves and not involve me, someone who chooses not to belief in any of the so-called scriptures, because it’s rife with contradiction and bullshit. Each of those religions preach love and peace but every fucking day we see headlines of the one killing the other. It’s been going on for ages too! My own ancestors were part of a group of people that fled their native land because of religious persecution – and to those Christians who have anything to say about the interfaith wars that are happening in Islam, a few hundred years ago the Catholics were fighting Protestants in France and much more recently Ireland. (And don’t fool yourself by saying those were rare incidents.) The religion was spread through Eastern Europe and the Baltic with the pointy end of Christian swords – pagans were forced to convert…or else.

What amazes me is that the true believers of these faiths, because there are many millions of them, allow their beliefs to be so contorted and used by those who only believe to satisfy their own greed of power and money. Instead of shouting at the abusers in the other faiths, they should look at their own companions who carry out the same violations they claim the others do. Religion can be a mighty power for good because it can unite and mobilise like-minded people under the banners of love and peace. (Which is what all religions claim to strive towards anyway.) We see it all around the world already, there are many people around the world that use their beliefs as a basis to do a hell of a lot of good things for the needy and less fortunate. It’s just a pity that their leaders (who rule our world) are a bunch of unscrupulous greedy bastards and no-one has the guts to stand up and put them in their place. Because they need to be put into their place before they stir up another World War – an even greater war than before – like they seem to be doing now in the Middle East.

Don’t even get me started on racism.


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