Shocking, absolutely shocking

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November 29, 2012 by Beldrac

It’s shocking how lazy I’ve been the last few months – granted I had to ward off a minor invasion of goblins, but nothing that a few barrels of burning pitch from the ramparts couldn’t sort out. I have filled my head with lots of music though so hopefully, this is the opening of a floodgate.


Ever heard of them? No? Well I’m not surprised (anymore.) They’ve been around for a few years and I thought they were widely known, but apparently not. They released a new album a few weeks ago and it’s called “Nekrodepression”. Nekro…depression…only thing is, the album is not depressing at all, at least not from where I’m standing. Instead, it’s a big slab of don’t give a fuck that induces grimaced nodding of your head and a disdainful stare at anyone who frowns at the strange man enjoying his music. Review coming up soon(ish.)

This next song is off an older album of theirs – “Crown of Sorrow” – and shows they’re not all about crushing riffs and growls, although mimicking a lumbering beast risen from earths deepest and darkest cavern is what they do best.

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