A sound relief (from boredom)


January 25, 2013 by Beldrac

I’d much rather be sitting on a rock in the Alps staring at the water cascading down a waterfall. I’d much rather be standing on the prow of a ship steering through ice flows in the Antarctic. I’d much rather be dining at a restaurant in Mexico eating chili that’s going to tear me a new one. I’d much rather be strapped to the wing of a biplane doing loops and barrel rolls over some magnificent countryside. Hell, I’d much rather be mushing some huskies through a snowy wilderness. Anything but having to do my day job…

Music is what keeps many of us going and not just when we’re at work hoping we were somewhere else. Music creates a world to which we can escape from life, it creates a world where you can immerse yourself into one sense only – your hearing – and with this your imagination might quickly follow. When I go into this world my eyes will see, my nose will notice, my buds will taste, my skin will touch, but respond only to a threat. In my own world I become invisible, I imagine those around me who see me walk past see a figure who disappears when they pass – a figment of their imagination dissolving into their own reality.

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking of how to finish this post and I’ve wondered if I should even try. Well it’s weekend and I was inspired by this:

I can think of no female musician or singer whom I have more love for than Anneke van Giersbergen. From discovering The Gathering to Agua de Annique and solo, she’s always had me completely enchanted and this song is simply amazing. At times I can almost feel her voice reaching into the warm and fuzzy part of my insides and scrambling everything around. She is a beautiful woman too and her personality on stage as attractive. While she was with The Gathering her voice and the music had a hypnotic effect, which i.m.o. played a role in the development of Post Metal.

This is my first post of the new year; we’ve all said goodbye to the past year and it’s a coincidence that this song deals with ‘saying goodbye’ too. Change is a big deal for most people, but it’s our ability to adapt and move forward that puts us near the top of the (earthly) evolutionary chain. Whether we say goodbye to a loved one, our homes, or a food source, moving forward is often very hard. This is how we get stronger, as a species and as individuals.

I guess Anneke van Giersbergen and The Gathering both moved forward after she left. Her solo/Agua work is mostly very poppy and quirky and it’s the quirkiness of her melodies, but also the raw emotion her voice is capable of, that gets a metalheads such as myself (and everywhere) to fawn over her. The Gathering’s latest album is also rather good after an average “debut” with the new singer.

Art is the only gift that god gave us, music is one of the few things we do that can transcend the human experience. Even if you have to work hard to get by in life, sweat blood and shed tears, press play and let the outside world dissolve in notes and scales.

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