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February 17, 2013 by Beldrac

Welcome to “the Black Bard’s Blog.”

As you would’ve noticed I’ve changed the look of the site considerably, courtesy of a theme which I like much more than the previous one. I’ve also changed the name to “Black Bard’s Blog” and the reason for this is simple: I was never overly fond of the name “BeldracFM” and I only chose that because it sounded catchy (at the time) and when I started this blog, I didn’t care much for what it was called anyway…I just wanted to get started!

This past week and after a few months of thought the idea of “Black Bard” struck me, but I came to this while thinking of something else altogether. You see, I’ve recently brewed my first beer and the fun and romanticism of brewing went to my head (not the alcohol I assure you, the first batch is not quite ready to drink yet.) On the way home from work, I started thinking of names for the brewing company I’m (most likely not) going to start, and the name “Beldrac the Black Bard’s Brewery ©” popped into my head. I’ve always been a sucker for alliteration and I thought this presented me with some good marketing and advertising possibilities, not to mention a cool logo and labels if I can get someone to design it for me. This ties in nicely with my love for music too, which will give me ample room to explore for names of the awesome ales and lagers I want to brew. For example, the dark ale I brewed just a month ago might end up being named “Black Bard Nightfall Ale” in honour of one of my favourite band of bards, Blind Guardian.

Anyway, I believe the change of name is for the better as the name “Beldrac” doesn’t really mean anything beyond being a name I made up when I created my first e-mail nickname a long, long time ago. The URL stays the same for now.

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