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About this blog

This blog is about music and life, and maybe about beer, but I’ll ramble mostly about music. I’ll be posting Youtube video links to songs I like that sparks a thought that sets aflame the passion I have for music. I’ve also started posting reviews to albums that I particularly like, or have some meaning to me. I was part of the The Metal Observer team for a few years and this website was the reason I got into this in the first place. TMO used to be, and still is, my prime spot for reading reviews and looking for new music. I might end up re-posting and re-working some of the reviews I had posted on that website, with due credit to my alma mater, as it were.

How to use this blog

There are a few ways to navigate these pages. The Home page is a rolling blog of articles that I post, which will include the rambles and the reviews. The Categories section in the right pane can be used to filter the Rambles and Reviews. The Reviews page will contain the links of review articles I’ve posted – not what I had in mind here but that’ll do for now. The rest of BeldracFM will work like any other n00b blog

To the future?

Eventually I want to have this hosted away from this WordPress environment, on a paid-for host with my very own URL. This is still very early days so it’s still very plain. Do leave comments if and where you’d like to.

You can now also find us on Facebook! That’s right, follow the link, Like the page, and get BeldracFM update notifications in your news feed!
Official Facebook Page

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