What’s up with the Black Bard’s Blog?

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February 26, 2014 by Beldrac

I just asked myself this question: What’s up with the Black Bard’s Blog? I’m sure all you readers – all my faithful incidentally-stumbled-upon-the-blog readers – have been wondering the same thing. Well, I’ve been putting more energy back into my The Metal Observer gig; the site has recently had a brush and polish and after a shake-up, now a few fewer slipping gears and a few more motivated writing mechanisms.After a complete redesign of the layout, TMO now looks like a sparkling new site and we’re all very excited! Check it out:

Which means I’ve been putting my available energy (read: laziness) into turning in a couple of more reviews. I’m not nearly as prolific as I used to be or would still like to be. One thing I’ve learned in the last five years since I decided to make writing my day job, it’s that once I made the thing I love doing the thing that earns me a living, the part that earns the living began to dominate and sap the time and energy I would normally have to mill and mull music in my head.

Now in the interest of generating traffic to TMO (more likely to increase my site’s SEO score…) I’m going to share two links to my latest reviews:
First up (love him or hate him) James LaBrie – I Will Not Break – (8/10)

Black Metal from France: Folge Dem Wind – To Summon Twilight

I’m busy working on a review of a Bandcamp discovery, My Hidden Sin – a French Progressive Death Metal (sort of) band whose debut has been one of my favourite albums this year (even though it was released last year.) Here’s a link to their Bandcamp page, have a (free) listen to The Tale.

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